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Future trends — The road to 2030

1. Artificial Immunity is on the rise — Get Boosted!

COVID-19 has been a major game changer in the 21st century. No one saw it coming because no one ever has the intelligence to see a major catastrophe. After all, we are humans and human we will remain.

Had it not been for a hurried attempt to vaccination, we would have seen a recession that would have been more worse. Of course, there are some who benefited massively from this event. The banks have had a wild run and so have the pharmaceutical companies.

But money is not something that we should worry too much because we are yet to see the long effect of COVID. In a few years, God forbid if we have another epidemic, the devastation might be much more because every time you mess with your immune system, it only gets weaker till it snaps.

Professional Body-Builders are a perfect example. They inject so much of artificial testosterone that when they stop, their body just does not produce any and they meet their fatal end, fully aware of what they have done.

2. Technology, the double-edged sword will get even sharper.

The same invention that allows us to do a Sydney to San Francisco in a couple of hours facilitates a nuclear missile to destroy a country far away by just lifting a finger.

The U.S., Russia, France, China, the UK, Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea — are estimated to possess roughly 12,700 nuclear warheads. It is a disaster waiting to happen. Every time someone mentions climate change, I cannot stop laughing at the hypocrisy. It’s like telling mother earth that you care for her and then go back to be a bad child.

Artificial intelligence is going to be the thing in the future because people are most likely to use an app called “BRAIN” rather than tax the one they were endowed with assuming they were.

3. De-globalisation — Leave me alone!

When I was doing my MBA, we marvelled on the fact that finally we are going to become global citizens. Globalisation was the buzzword and damn right we were excited about it like a kid in the candy store.

Not any more! A country will be richer and safer if it alienates itself from the rest. Well that might be a tough ask but the Ukraine war has definitely divided the world in 2 groups. One where we have China, Russia North Korea and a whole list of poor countries that depend on China for having food on the table. And then you have the rest of the world!

This war is going to get much messier in the years to come. It all depends on how long China waits before it decides to take back Taiwan. I live in Australia and I know that a war in the region can escalate any moment if politicians and leaders of Asia-Pacific region try to become cowboys and don’t watch what they say in media.

The world we live in has become extremely precarious. An irresponsible, inconsequential President of the smallest island now has the power to stir up a conflict that will become a full-fledged war. The Ukraine saga has shown us that a war can affect everyone, does not matter how rich you are because when the drones come, you have to run for shelter. So if anyone thinks that they are safe by aligning one way or they other, then they are nothing but naïve. No one is safe anymore but if you do not side anyone militarily, you can survive longer.

4. The quintessential thieves are on a plane to the UK!

Looks like UK ad US will become a haven for all the corrupt people of the world. There are many entrepreneurs from India who have defrauded banks of millions of dollars and are now seeking refuge in UK or US. There is no extradition treaty and these charlatans know how well to make use of it.

Look at what is happening in Sri Lanka. Sources say that Ex-Prime Minister Rajapaksa has borrowed billions of dollars from China and siphoned it to his private bank accounts and in the deep pockets of his relatives thereby destroying a beautiful country in just a couple of years. It is believed he is looking to escape to the US if he senses that the damage is done. Latest news coming in say that there has been a travel ban imposed on him. Well we will wait and see how it all rolls out.

There are also many Presidents from the African continent who leave their citizens to starve while their children do shopping worth millions of dollars in just a day in Europe or the US. These dictators operate safely from abroad while hiring armies that operate at ground level earning millions of dollars by exporting oil.

5. The only thing that is certain is that uncertainty is on the rise

The war with Ukraine and Russia has completely shaken the work so much so that the prices have gone up by more than 30% on an average. Many businesses are finding it very tough and all for some crime they never committed.

Sri Lanka is just a tip of the iceberg. It is believed more than 70 countries will go bankrupt in 2022. 25 in Africa, 25 in Asia Pacific and 20 in Latin America! More than 107 countries are on the verge of recession. Many countries will face civil unrest.

It is not just the poor countries that will bear the brunt of this change, even countries like Turkey have seen their currency fall sharply and are having massive shortage of food supply, especially wheat, which, is a major ingredient for making bread.

Being aware of the past can at least prepare you for the future if not completely isolate you. But if you take things for granted then there will be no future as, you will be a thing of the past!

John Khalkho — CEO: Dolores Education

Photo: Ali Pazani



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