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Tête-à-tête — A thing of the past!

Every now and then, we have our moments. You can call this mine and I am in the mood for a rant on people I do not like at all. People who are annihilating the beautiful art of communication!

I cannot tell whether it is widely acceptable to behave badly while talking to people but this is a number one trait that puts me off. I am sure you must be coming across these stereotypes and will empathise with me.

1. Multitasking douche:

Some people are so down the ladder in feeling inferior that the only thing they think can redeem them is looking busy. Why else would they hold their phones all the time when their trousers have 4 pockets? We don’t carry the landlines in the house all the time. Do we?

These are the kind of people who believe that making eye contact means looking at the screen while talking to you. The best way to deal with them is start looking at your phone when they meet and greet you next time and give them a taste of their own medicine.

2. Know it all:

I often wonder why some people have an opinion on everything. The kind of people who nobody wants to listen to so they become the world’s biggest haters and spend half of their day writing comments on every article or post they come across.

The dangerous thing is that if these people were ever selected in a jury, they would go out all the way looking for signs to support their bias formed even before the beginning of the trial. Everything else would be just a show.

3. Bipolar Bears:

The kind of people who always think that everything in this world can be divided into right or wrong, yes or no, black or white. They are happy to ignore everything that lies in between.

The type of people you will often find forcing you to agree or disagree on everything, ignoring the fact that you have the right to remain silent or to not have an opinion on many matters.

4. Automation bots:

The people who just don’t come with a pause button. Not even to breathe in between sentences. From the moment they meet you, they will just not stop to talk while you think hard to find an escape route.

Some of these people are quite selfish by nature and will only call you if they are looking for an audience. They will spew whatever is brewing in their mind. The kind of people who you would wish you never ran into or get a call from.

5. Incredible sulks:

People for whom life is nothing but a big curse. They will complain about everything. The sun, the moon, the job, the food and not to mention their own failures.

These are the kind of people who strongly believe that the world needs to have a balance and they were personally appointed by a higher power to contribute to the unhappiness or the equilibrium of the planet will be lost.

6. Grin Face:

Have you ever come across a person who likes to imitate Bond to such an extent that they carry a stupid grin at all times! Stupid because they fail to see that Bond only grins when he wants to overpower the enemy by using psychological tricks like smiling in a difficult situation.

Sometimes, I think the world wanted to get even with people like these and it is the sole reason why the mask was made compulsory in the first place.

7. The philanthropist:

The kind of people who will have an advice on everything. No matter what problem you are facing with, they seem to have the solution, even if it is giving an advice like, “speak to the experts.”

They value their advice as if it is the best and the horrifying part is when you do recover from the problem, they will be there to take credit for your success even telling their friends how they bailed you out.

8. Mumble Bee:

The most annoying of all. If you ever have to deal with them, it is a nightmare. Everything they say will make you question if your hearing is falling. Even worse, you will end up begging them for repeating the line most of the time.

These are the type of people who are not innately bad but think that the first 2 words of a sentence should be enough to communicate the essence in entirety. A treat for the “Automation Bots”

Well, I am no saint and I do make some of these mistakes.

So if you have ever seen me fit in any of these categories, now is the time to speak up. Your feedback will be taken with a pinch of salt. I fully agree that people who are not open to feedback have no right to criticise.

John Khalkho: CEO — Dolores Education



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