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Muscle Mania

Photo: Charles Gaudreault

What if I told you that the average age of people in 2022 is 45 years? You might shrug it off as a joke or an error but this is how long bodybuilders live. Yet, we see a lot of people willing to put everything at risk to look big.

Reports suggest that 0.5% of Americans do some form of steroids to achieve their muscular dreams. The figure though visually small is in fact mind-boggling considering the side effects it produces. Depression, anxiety, failure of internal organs and heart attacks are some of the most common outcomes of this addiction.

Some of the most popular juices people prefer to inject are anadrol, oxandrin, dianabol, winstrol, deca-durabolin, and equipoise. Of course, you cannot fully believe the OTC health supplements that only promise to be proteins and nothing more.

But behind every action there is a hidden motivation. According to a study done in the UK, people believe that when they watch TV and reality shows, they feel inadequate when they compare themselves to the models who look more than perfect in every way. There is a strong need to lessen the gap.

Gymnasiums are a place where people go with the intention of improving their overall health but end up ruining it instead. There is a lot of peer pressure to do everything that the other members are doing. Some personal trainers also don’t want to miss out on this opportunity as it helps them to take credit of the quick result.

With the rise in SM, we have seen more and more teenagers become instant millionaires by amassing huge followers and selling products and services by influencing them. They run a huge business on SM by endorsing brands in fashion, travel and bodybuilding. However, one look at them and you soon realise that many have physiques that cannot be achieved without the help of a steroid.

Any problem can be addressed if it is deemed to be a problem but the problem we have is that our concern is not even seen as a problem before it is too late and the damage is irreversible.

It will be completely wrong to just blame the kids because the adults are actually leading the way. All the professional bodybuilding event companies glorify their participants to such an extent that the viewers think it is absolutely normal to do what it takes. Not to mention the media coverage they manage to garner on SM.

Rich Piana is one of the most recent casualties of this madness and if you look at Ronnie Coleman, you will feel sorry for the man. The legend who could lift half the weights on this universe can barely lift his body now. Even with 2 crutches, he can hardly go from one place to another without swinging like a pendulum.

Bodybuilding like any other sport is good if you treat it as a sport. Once you smear it with substances, it becomes a curse. An addiction that is almost impossible to get out of!

Many people have tried to go back to their normal life after enjoying their hay days as a pro. But life is not a toggle switch. Once these people spend a few years taking artificial testosterone boosters, their body loses its function to produce it on its own. When the addicts stop the substance, their body cannot make any.

With this phenomenon becoming rampant, it will not be long before there will be one person in your own circle of friends and family who is a victim of this mental illness.

The world is already dealing with problems of its own in the form of pandemic and climate change. Is there really a scope for inflicting ourselves with one more? Some times I wonder!

John Khalkho: CEO — Dolores Web Design



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