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Procrastination: The myth unpacked!

Every now and then, I see things differently and this has led me to overthrow many age-old beliefs. Procrastination is one such ideology.

I think procrastination could be a good thing because it gives us an indication when something is not right. However, instead of narrowing our focus on the obstacles, we keep worrying about the bigger picture till we lose all control and motivation.

Are you ready to receive a mantra that will change your life forever? Procrastination will be viewed in a completely different light from now on. But before I solve the conundrum, let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why people procrastinate in general.

  • Abstract goals
  • Outcomes that are too far in the future
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Anxiety
  • Task aversion
  • Perfectionism
  • Fear of evaluation or negative feedback
  • Fear of failure
  • A perceived lack of control
  • Depression
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of energy
  • Sensation seeking

One of the major reasons why people procrastinate is because they set abstract goals. In a casual dinner with friends one evening, they discuss something and next day they are off on a mission.

As the days go by they realise that quite a few of the fears mentioned above start to materialise. They seem to lose the grip till they reach a breaking point.

Let’s see how we can turn the table on its head and use all these stress signals to our advantage and mitigate the risks.

  • Abstract goals: Have a Mentor who has been there done that
  • Outcomes that are far in the future: Just look at the one year plan
  • Feeling overwhelmed: Break the job in several tasks and allocate some of them
  • Anxiety: Take quality breaks like walking on the beach/ fishing/ singing
  • Task aversion: Understand that there are other jobs relying on the task you are avoiding. If you can’t do it, delegate it.
  • Perfectionism: Always have a deadline. Treat the completed job on the day of delivery as perfect
  • Fear of evaluation or negative feedback: Do not ask for feedback if you cannot handle criticism. I don’t!
  • Fear of failure: Starting the job is 90% of the task done so you are not a failure
  • A perceived lack of control: Maintain a diary and detail everything
  • Depression: You will be more depressed for not doing something you love. Make the most while you still can.
  • Lack of motivation: People with a dream don’t need motivation
  • Lack of energy: Sleep well. Watch British Sit-Com.
  • Sensation seeking: It is a good trait if you put in the hard-yards

Apart from all these factors, it is essential that you organise the funds required to complete the job. Also, the first year may not give you any revenues. So put your head down and keep working!

John Khalkho — CEO: Dolores Education

Photo: Liza Summer on Pexels



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