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If you watch movies then it is highly unlikely you have not seen the cult movie featuring Leonardo-DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, Amy Adams and other brilliant actors.

Frank Abagnale, Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) works as a doctor, a lawyer, and as a co-pilot for a major airline all before his 18th birthday. At 17, Frank Abagnale becomes the most popular bank robber in the US.

Well, there are ways in which you want to look at things — you can entire call Frank a criminal and charge him as guilty or go beyond what the eyes can see and spot the genius in him.

The two things that impressed me the most were that

1. Under no circumstances does the protagonist lose his nerves while being calm under all situations

2. Uses his brilliant salesmanship to move forward seamlessly

Every time I come out of a sales meeting, I am evaluating myself if I did the best I could have or did I make any mistakes that might result in me not achieving the objective of the meeting. Here are my top sales tips I picked up from years of experience.

1. Sales people listen

The biggest mistake people commit in sales is prepare the story before hand and once the meeting starts, regurgitate everything they had in mind.

This is the worst thing you can do because the direction of the meeting will be decided in the opening minute of the meeting. The story has to be picked after the direction has been decided.

Tip: Have a few stories ready and see which one will work!

2. They are passionate about what they sell

When you walk into a room, there are always 2 people that enter. One is you and the other is your energy, alternatively defined as passion.

A passionate person can be picked from miles because he or she will have a certain attitude that oozes energy and enthusiasm. What you sell should never be considered as less important than any other. Remember, during COVID, people were not buying luxury handbags but killing each other for toilet papers.

Tip: Enter the room or a sales-pitch like a boxer would enter a ring.

3. They are storytellers

People have misunderstood this concept and believe that you actually have to go and tell a story to the prospect. There cannot be anything far from the truth than this dogma.

While there is no harm in telling a story, the real essence of this is to be as cool and relaxed while you are with your prospect as you would be with your friends when you are telling a story.

Tip: Don’t attempt to tell the whole story if the listener is in a rush, even a punch line can be a good enough representation.

4. They solve a problem

This is a lazy salesman’s approach to selling. With the advent and penetration of social media, there is no solution that cannot be found on the internet. No one needs a salesman to show them how to solve their problem.

The real interpretation should be to unpack the problem of the customer in a way that they understand that they have multiple problems and not just one. Your solution should be seen as something that best addresses most of them if not all.

Tip: Tell the prospect that if you are frank and open with me, I might be able to present a solution that might be different from what I am offering right now. Probably better and encompassing!

5. They ask for referrals

Companies have started to understand that they can hire the most famous celebrity to endorse their products but what really matters in the approval of the prospect’s friends and family.

Asking for referral is one thing that is highly underrated because people either just feel shy or don’t bother. Never make this mistake. A nod from a family member or friend immediately turns a cold lead into a hot one.

Tip: Assure the new customer that you will always be there for them if they need assistance or help with the product. Ask for referrals as a sign-off!

John Khalkho: CEO: Dolores Education



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