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I write therefore I am!

It is been more than a year since I started the weekly blog. It just began as a thought and now it has become a habit. A good one I presume!

It does take some energy and discipline to put down a 5 minute read but at the end of the day, it is worth it. The benefits far outweigh the effort. Here are the top 5 ways in which this recurring behavior has made me grow as a person, not just mentally but emotionally as well.

1. You will communicate with clarity

I am a lecturer by profession and when I sit to write, I feel like I am preparing notes for the students. The one thing that I have realised is that due to the massive drop in attention span, you only get one chance to connect and hold the audience. Make a mistake by including unnecessary fluff and you have lost them forever.

There are a million things they can do at any time. You need to come out on the top. I am a big fan of British sitcom. The thing I like about them is that they do not invest heavily in production. The plots are also from everyday life that a common person can connect with. However, the characterisation, the delivery and the precision in timing, makes it mind-blowingly hilarious and unmistakably addictive.

If you want to become good at writing, listen to every word that is being said around you. Radio, TV, Rail stations, Bus stops, Friends, Haters and you will notice what is interesting and what is not! What is appealing and what is not! What holds and what breaks!

2. You will eliminate stress

The only person who understands you better than anyone else is you. Writing is like talking to oneself but in a more serious and organised way. It is a brainstorm, it is a debate, it is an argument, it is walking down the memory lane.

We live in a world where everyone is completely stressed to the limit. Out of sheer greed, we have made our lives much more complicated than what it ought to be. Every time we are not able to get something quickly or fail at an attempt, we get stressed. We feel we need to win in everything we venture into. The chances of success in new business is just 5% so you can guess what happens to the rest.

3. You will learn more

After writing for more than a year, you come to a point where you start to think that you have probably written on all the topics worthy to be written of. But at the same time, you also realise that you still need to carry on as you have attracted some people who read and like what you write.

You cannot just pick up a technical topic and start writing about it, you want to explore about things you are know a little bit about. The entire process seems like your teacher has given you an assignment to prepare and present to the class. The only difference is that this class will me a mix of students and teachers, so you better do your homework carefully and thoroughly!

4. You will be more productive

Now this is not merely restricted to writing but holds true for any habit you undertake. For example, if you want to go to the gym in the morning then you have to make time by getting up an hour early. This means going to bed an hour early. Or, completing all the tasks an hour early!

Productivity like happiness is a state of mind. If you really want, you can bludge you hours in the office by being a conniving imposter or be the honest hardworking person who is always looking to improve productivity.

Good writers do their research depending upon the article they are working on but they know how much effort to put in each essay in terms of collecting writing-material versus doing the actual writing. They never lose their focus on being productive. In fact they will be happy if the composition is about 80% of what they had initially envisioned.

5. You will become better at decision-making

The writer has a million decisions to make before he or she zeroes in on the topic to write about. And that is just the beginning. The story not only needs to have good insights but also needs to be communicated in an interesting way. After all, the reader is giving 5 minutes of their precious life to you.

Most writers prepare a lengthy draft and then they sit and give it a shave to remove all the unnecessary and boring material. However, this process is not as easy as it seems.

I am a music producer as well and I know how painful it gets when you have to delete a piece of any instrument if you think you are doing it for a greater good. You created it and you want everything to be there, but this is not how it works.

The title, the opening, the length of each sentence, the breath of each paragraph and the choice of words and humour are some of the things that can really take a toll if the writer over thinks. Another decision to make I guess!

My music teacher once told me that with every song you create, you will become a better writer, a better singer and even a better music producer. Well, it holds true if you are a writer or for that matter even a reader!

Rock on!

John Khalkho — CEO: Dolores Education

photo: Suzy Hazelwood



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