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Why an average Idiot is more dangerous than a Psychopath — Part I

Let me begin by saying that I do not condone any criminal or illegal activities. It is used just to put forward a hypothesis so that wise people can give it a thought. Secondly, I will need to have 2 follow-up articles on the same topic to substantiate the point.

Every week when I sit to write, I think let me not talk about the same issue but the gravity of the situation around the world is such that the mind says that if you can save lives in the future then you should do your bit now.

So how do you define an idiot? I think the best way to pin it is by measuring your prowess and decision-making skill in that particular field. For example when it comes to assembling the furniture from IKEA, you can call me an idiot who might rank well below average. I am quite aware of this and so I always reach out for help. So much so that I don’t even pick up the parts when I go shopping in IKEA. I don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks so that I don’t get it wrong.

But an activity like putting furniture together can never be fatal because even if I were to do it on my own, the maximum risk I face dwells in completely destroying the furniture to the point that I might have to burn it. Something I have been watching for the past few weeks. As soon as I turn the phone in the morning, the videos come pouring in like a swamp of bees. Never in my life have I seen so many burning bodies at one time, leave alone at 6am in the morning.

The situation in India has gone from bad to worse. Something that was expected owing to the fact that more than 90% of the population live in houses that are not large enough for isolation of a family member acquiring the virus. But what was not expected was a complete mismanagement of the pandemic from the centre. It is a national crisis and has to be dealt at a national level. The federal government should have declared a national emergency right at the start and taken things in their control. Instead, they declared victory at half time just because they were leading with a solitary goal. They went on selfishly trying to promote their ideologies like clanking the plates or turning the lights on the phone. They even never stopped from campaigning in different states, all to bag more seats.

The PM himself called for people to come out for rallies and praised them for their efforts while putting them all at extreme high risk. He even had the audacity to say that he had never seen such a large gathering ever. Did he ever think how many of them gathered there are devoid of simple decision-making skills and did not know what exactly they were doing. I guess the need to survive immediate hunger and poverty is so high that there is no room left for thinking long-term. The motto is let’s survive the present! If we live for a few days, we will then think of another few more.

As much I would not like to put it in writing to avoid hurting my friends still living in India, I need to make them aware of what’s going on overseas. India has become the most talked about nation for complete mismanagement of the pandemic. India has made it to the top of the world list. Australian media talks about it all the time, never heard of anything like this before. Europe and the US have also sharply criticised the disastrous mismanagement of the pandemic and continue to do so vehemently.

Here’s another disclaimer that looking at the population and infrastructure of India, no political party would have been able to completely stop the losses. But they would have definitely managed to bring it down by acting impartially and making wiser decisions like taking a lead at a national level and not holding rallies or allowing mass gatherings in millions.

To conclude, it will be unfair to completely transfer all the blame to the political parties at the centre or the state. The voter has to take half of the blame. The voter who acted like an idiot when it was time to cast the vote to the right ideology! The voter who decided to sell his vote for the note! The voter who opted for the party based on faith! A psychopath always operates in secret and has the legal system that brings him down as soon as his act becomes public. But when it comes to governance, the voters give the politicians a free license to kill.

There are many unnecessary subjects that are taught in schools and colleges but I have never come across an institution that actually teaches people to vote. Because voting is not just signing a piece of paper, it is a document that states that you are legally and wilfully submitting the power of attorney to that political party or person for the fixed term to make decisions on your behalf. So if your political party goes and commits a crime at a mass scale, whether you like it or not, you are equally responsible because they acted on your behalf. And that makes you as well as me a person who is more criminal than a psychopath! If we have voted for the wrong people, we are all idiots. We are more dangerous than a psychopath!