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2022 and the emerging trends!

The first 2 weeks of 2022 have been full of turbulence. There are around 1.M cases in Australia today while the world figure sits at around 317M.

No one seems to understand what’s wrong with the world today. But even in this chaos, people have to make a living.

Companies have to generate revenues, especially for startups, this is the most challenging phase they could encounter. There are times to go against the tide. This definitely is not one of them.

Maybe, if you make the trend your friend, there is a possibility you might be able to overcome this storm.

Let me list down the top 10 trends in the simplest of ways so that we can see what our position is on each.

1.Social Capitalism: Governments all across the world are starting to realise that the more they free their economy, the more it will grow. After all no government wants to face the elections for the second term with a broken economy.

What we can learn from this: Develop products that can be sold online. You will have a much bigger audience.

2. Acceleration of digital transformation: Well this is a no brainer and we all know how quickly software is developing. It seems it is going to get even more heated up in the coming days.

What is the threat: Do not attempt to make software but use those already available in the market.

3. The use of on-demand workforce: Reducing profit margins have led to hiring employees on a part-time basis. Not that companies don’t want them on a full-time basis, the figures just won’t allow

What it means for us? Death of loyalty and increased chances of employee being poached by richer competitors

4. More focus needs to be given on employee health and wellbeing: The number one cliché of all times is the companies telling the world, “We are not a company of people, we are a family.” However, these same companies never bothered to pay for the health insurance of their employees.

What the employees should do: Demand complete insurance! Health and Life!

5. Supply Chain will fragment: There will be multi-level tracking of the goods. This looks like it will become big. We can see some traces of this where the people want to know where their food is coming from, especially if life after Covid-19 has been reduced to just immunity.

What we can learn: Never lie to the customer. They have the technology to find the truth.

6. Change in workplace orientation: Something that has already happened. More and more companies are now moving to smaller offices to save on rent. Also, the employees just come in 2 days a week and work from home the rest of the time.

The take-out: The companies will suffer the brunt of diminishing loyalty as the employees will not share any bond between each other or with the company and work only for wages.

7. Up skilling and re-skilling will be the key: Looks like the younger generation is giving the industries a run for the money by continuously redefining how things need to be done. The problem is that the mature workers are getting caught up in the tussle often unable to keep pace.

What can we do: Everyone can learn or re-skill. Age is never a barrier. It is just that we as entrepreneurs or HR Managers are too lazy or inefficient to teach them.

8.Innovation is the key: A concept that is usually associated with technology is far more stretched than you can imagine. We have to continuously thrive to make the product better yet cheaper.

What it means for us: When the consumers see you as a company that is always innovating, they feel they made the right decision by associating with you.

No one wants to be seen as old and passé! The points mentioned above might seem light but don’t be fooled. Every one has the potential of either making or breaking your company.

For example, it can take ages to build a brand image and one hacker can ruin it in just a few minutes. I can only wish it never happens to you or me. So, Rock on! Take the whole world in your stride.

John Khalkho — CEO: Dolores Education

Photo: Tim Douglas on Pexels



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