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Live life Kings Size

At the end of the day, the day has ended. We all are travellers and we should not forget that we have a limited time on this planet. Going from one day to the next, one job to the other, or, solving one problem after another is the simplest way in which most people will define the journey!

But, should life be summed up in a way as banal as this or can we convert it into a large and enviable experience we can be proud of! Make no mistake, other than your family no one gives a rat’s ass about you. I know a lot of people who succumbed to COVID and are as forgotten as the 5th king of the Roman Empire.

Well, I am not an influencer or a travel blogger but I can definitely outline some things that have topped the list when people have turned back to think what they could have done while they still had the time.

1. Be Yourself

How often have we come across this cliché that people live a dubious life. If you have ever seen the film - “Scarface”, you will remember the iconic dialogue delivered magically by Al Pacino.“You don’t have the guts to be what you want to be. That’s why, you need people like me so that you can point a finger and say, he’s the bad guy”

We don’t need to act recklessly and drop our jobs to do what we want to do but no one can argue that we can make time to do some of the things we always wanted to. Even a side hustle is good enough to be an embodiment of your values, your personality, your hidden ambitions and dreams.

2. Spend the accumulated wealth

It is funny that people run after something that in the end has no value to them at all. Being able to say when greed has surpassed the line of being self-sufficient is not as easy as one would like to imagine.

It is pretty much like the bank-robbery films we often see. People always seem to get caught on that one final act and then they end up in the cell. I do not condone this behavior but we all know that these kinds of movies are packed with wisdom and insights.

One of the worst things you can do is try to become charitable at the very end of your journey. If you do not like to share your wealth, it is not unethical but trying to pretend who you are not is moral perjury! You might rather hold on to it if you don’t feel like letting it go.

3. Mental Health

Wealth and Health not only rhyme but they are juxtaposed more densely than a common man can visualize. Achieving your materialistic dreams will not be free. There is a hefty price attached to it and the biggest of them all is your mental health.

Apart from the anxiety, anger and grudge we harbor on the road to acquiring wealth, there is also one thing we do and are completely unaware of it. We compromise our health by sacrificing our sleep in the pursuit of making our working day bigger.

It is believed that one in seven person has some from of mental issue. Stop right now and take a health check. There are 15% chances of you being affected by mental health issues as compared to 0.00000001% of winning a Jackpot in a lottery.

4. Travel

We can all understand that it has not been easy for all of us in the last few years. The virus has crippled many livelihood and shattered many homes. But that is life. Change is the only constant.

Having said that, we can all agree that while travel does have its cons in the form of being expensive, we cannot dispute it has a lot of positives as well. The top of them is that it gives us the much-required escape from routine.

Contrary to popular belief, not all travels have to be long distance and involve bags and baggage. Even a visit to the mall or the beach can be seen as a travel, provided you decide to be in the moment and pay attention to everything that you see while on the humble trip.

5. Grow more trees

Caring for the environment is a philosophy embedded in those that value the earth and its contribution to our lives. The Earth is like a mother that carries you even when you can no longer carry yourself!

Planting trees can be seen as the first step towards habit stacking because you cannot go around planting trees and at the same time increase your use of plastic or other toxic material and defile the planet.

When you start caring for nature, you also start to develop regard for other natural things like water, minerals, oxygen and use them wisely. You also start caring for other species that form the ecosystem. You become a better person!

Just as I am about to upload this article, there is news coming in that Justin Bieber has been attacked by a virus and is dealing with partial paralysis of his face. My heart goes out to him and I wish him full and fast recovery because in spite of becoming so popular, he continues to remain a good lad! Extremely friendly and non-controversial!

We all come to this planet with a lifelong guarantee of uncertainty. You should be the only one to decide what you should do with the time you have. And while you do that, make sure you listen to your heart as much as you pay attention to your mind. And above all — Stay humble! Stay blessed!

John Khalkho: CEO: Dolores Education



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