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Atomic Habits

The world is changing and so should we. Gone are the times when New Year was celebrated in just January. Nowadays, many companies as well as individuals see the end of the financial year as a beginning of a new year.

So what better time than now in the beginning of July to see the remainder of 2022 as a brand new year! At least, it will save us from the mid-year crisis.

Atomic Habits by James Clear promises you that if you read and implement the principles in the book, you will be better-off 37 times.

Well, it is a tall claim. However, when a book becomes a bestseller, it goes to show that it is working.

Let’s just look at the top 5 principles and decide if it has any merit. The explanations are of my own and may or may not resemble corresponding elaboration in the book.

1. Get better everyday

Now this is not as much a matter of dispute as it is of discipline. In order to improve what you do, you first need to repeat what you do.

This means that you need to get rid of all the random acts that consume a great deal of your time. When you are left with the things that really matter, it becomes easy to focus. When you focus, you see the things at a deeper level and are automatically able to spot the reasons behind your success and also your failure.

The only thing you need to be mindful is that you do not over-punish yourself on the errors you commit but be aware and not repeat them. This is how you get better everyday. Sometimes a little, sometimes more!

2. Change your identity to change your habits

When you go to the shopping malls you are bound to buy things you might never use thereby wasting a lot of money. Such is the case with visiting the library. If you are a fast reader, every time you step in the library, in about half an hour, you can be a book wiser.

Hope you did not miss the 2 identities I just described. As simple as it may seem, modest things like dressing for the occasion or even going to the right venues can have a profound effect on your identity.

But for a tangible change, you will have to live and breath the person you want to be. It might feel a little awkward in the beginning but challenging a belief is tough.

3. Follow the 4 laws of behavior

Let’s dive into them straight away

- Make it obvious

If you want to change your career and go from a 9–5 job to a small business, tell your friends and family about your venture. Behave like a CEO of a business. Remember, every business no matter how big they are today, had humble beginnings.

- Make it attractive

Changing a habit should not be punishing. Cutting down on a diet is not something you should feel bad about. If you want to shift to salads, introduce some fun in making them.

- Make it easy

Do not over complicate things, especially behavior. Define it in as simplistic terms as possible. Decide what you want to do and what you want to quit.

- Make it satisfying

Start believing that the newly adopted habit is going to be very rewarding. The sacrifices that you make are going to be very fulfilling in the long run.

4. Consistency is the key

Did you know that the only thing that separates the winners from those that quit is the courage and determination to get up after falling down. Those that can hold on, even when everyone around them is quitting will eventually win.

The key reason why many people are not consistent is that “Status Quo” has a great deal of traction. It can take several years to see results and while this is happening, you will have all motives to go back to your usual ways. Do not let that happen. Keep your vision in mind, the results will come! If not today or tomorrow, definitely the day after!

5. Avoid Snacking

This I guess is the pandemic that seems to have affected more people than COVID. It is alleged that since 1975, the number of heavy people have tripled. Today, about 15% of the world population is obese and 40% are overweight.

Thanks to factory production, we never seem to run out of food, even if they have been grown in the most unethical manner like a rooster ready for the dining table in just 4 weeks.

One of my friends who happen to be a personal trainer in a gym tells me that most obesity problems can be solved if people just do one small thing. Count the calorie intake everyday.

Snacking it seems is the culprit here that pushes the intake by almost 100%. Only if we are mindful and control this bad habit, the world will be much more healthier and lighter.

John Khalkho: CEO — Dolores Education



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