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The Joke is on us

It’s been more than 3 weeks and the Russian aggression does not seem to halt. More than 5 million people have already been displaced and the number is bound to double very soon if the war continues unabated.

It is believed that the war is costing Russia more than $20 billion per day if we were to overlook the casualties on both fronts. No one disagrees that Putin heavily miscalculated the outcome and now seems more confused than convinced of what he is doing.

The rest of the world have decided to not jump in directly but replenish the weapons and let Ukraine fight its own war. A war it never asked for. Zelensky has come to terms that NATO is in no hurry to take Ukraine under its wings and it might have to give up all hopes for now.

As Europe and the US try to wage a dummy war on Putin by imposing heavy sanctions, the reality is difficult to fathom. While Russia definitely seems to be headed towards a recession it might take a decade to recover, the world is not insulated from the effects of ostracising Russia.

Petrol prices all over the world are bound to shoot up. But the problem with that is that fuel is a catalyst that keeps the world churning. Any change in that is bound to affect everything around it.

I live in Australia and it seems that after the hike in petrol prices, all commodities are bound to cost dearer by about 30% or even more in just a few weeks. From veggies to coffee, they are all upward bound. Thank you Mr. Putin. We thought we made you a pariah but it seems the joke is on us.

Here are the top 5 changes that might influence the way we live from now on.

  1. Climate Change: All the cursory efforts to save the planet seems a big farce when you look at the countries having nuclear weapons because the damage caused by a few of them exploding is going to neutralise all the hard work some dedicated people have been putting to save the planet for years. It is believed that Russia is developing a torpedo that can cause tsunami on exploding. Talk about the façade we all put up with in the name of world peace.

All of us who are far from the epicentre laughed when Putin was imposed with heavy sanctions but now it seems the joke is on us. Hard times are coming fast and furious. It is easy to speculate but wisdom dictates that we should watch our movements carefully and cut down on all unwanted spending.

John Khalkho

CEO: Dolores Education

Photo: Sima G



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