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Merry Christmas to you!

It has been a very tough 2 years for most people. Many have lost their friends and loved ones in the storm called Covid-19. No one ever expected this was coming. No one was prepared, not even the best fortune-tellers!

But that I guess is life. When the humans start to think they are more powerful than everybody or everything else, they get a big jolt. Weather it if from God or nature is up to you to decipher.

The other thing that these few years have also taught us is that we need to live in the present and enjoy more of it rather than dwell on the past or worry about the future.

I have been watching the mood of the people in this festive season. I must say that it is mixed at best.

The behaviour of the crowd is like a batter who is itching to leave the batting crease but is also worried that he/she will get stumped if the ball takes the odd turn.

People want to go out and enjoy the shopping season but they are scared as to what will they bring back from the mall other than gifts and cards! There is a chance that the imp will latch on to their clothes or hands.

Many states in Australia have decided to ease restrictions and have seen the cases go up. Now whether that is a good or a bad move will be decided in the times to come.

Criticism on both sides seems to be valid but the citizens need to understand that when they cast their vote, they are giving the authority to the politicians to make the decisions on their behalf. Especially in times like these.

Talking about Christmas, this is a time when I like to follow the old school. Sending handwritten Christmas cards to friends and family. Where is the love and romance in sending an electronic card? Even a bot can do that!

So while I send a handpicked card to show my gratitude to the people I care for, a lot of people and companies do it for several purposes. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. To spread the holy-spirit: The true believers like to welcome Christ in a grand fashion.

2. Reconnect with friends and family: Well I belong to this group apart from being a believer.

3. Organise your address book: A good time to rekindle the weakening ties.

4. To update your family photo: Well you can invite people to a party and create some new memories.

5. Show your gratitude: I might not be the only person to send cards to my Post Office, GP, Grocery store and other places I visit all year round.

6. Send it with a gift: Well that is a value added card, I mean Christmas card!

7. Adding to the friend’s portfolio: I always display the cards I get during Christmas, even after the season is over. Wonder who else does it!

8. Network: Well I’d love to send cards with this objective but my conscience will not allow.

9. Market your business: This is fine by me because our business needs to make friends too.

10. Make someone smile: Giving a card to homeless person with a small gift. Wow, I will try to do this now I have mentioned it.

Well, speaking personally, this Christmas is going to be very special for me because I have recently launched my company called, “Dolores Education.” It is a consultancy that will assist overseas and local students to find the right course and college.

We have a mission to have a representation in every Indo-Pacific country by 2023. And we will give it all we can. We understand that the road we have chosen will be full of uncertainties but what fun is a road that does not have ups or downs.

But for now, let’s get busy with the celebrations. Mr. work I will see you in a bit!

Merry Christmas! Let’s turn 2022 into a year to reckon with!

Photo: Anastesia on Pexels



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